Why Are Small Groups Important?

Small Groups at Beech Springs Church exist to carry out the vision of Beech Springs Church by living out Acts 2:42-47, providing the opportunity for people to reach their full potential through connection and growth as individuals, couples and families in the love and service of Jesus Christ.

At Beech Springs Church, we believe that connection to one another is key to the growth of our local church and to establishing the Kingdom of God in the world around us.  Small groups are an integral part of Beech Springs Church and we believe that they will be an integral part of your spiritual growth as well.  Small Groups are a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God, and make a difference in your world.  We encourage everyone to be involved in some type of Small Group and to invite your friends to join as well!



We believe we were all created to be in a personal, authentic relationship with God. You can connect with God in personal ways and public ways.  Our worship services every Sunday offer  public, shared opportunity for everyone to experience and connect with God through worship.  Small Groups is another way to connect with one another and God through gathering together (Matthew 18:20).  It is also important that we all learn to connect with God personally and privately.  Reading the Bible and praying are essential activities for everyone who desires to connect with God.


We believe that life is meant to be shared with others, and that God intends for us to experience life together in relationship.  By connecting with others in one of our Small Groups, you will find friends and people to do life with.  You will learn their story, their faith journey, and how their story relates with your own.  We are much stronger together than we are separate.


We believe that a relationship with God will compel us to make a difference in the world around us.  If God so loved the world, then so will we.  God longs to bring healing, hope, and grace to a broken world, and He uses us to do it.  When you connect to serving the needs of people, the community, and the world, you will also connect to the heart of God and understand who He is on a deeper level.

Frequently asked questions

What is a small group?

Small Groups are 12 or less people who get together each week or every other week to connect with God, one another, and our community.

How are Small Groups different?

Small Groups meet on alternating Wednesday nights at 7pm on our Beech Springs Campus. Our Wednesday night format is designed for the whole family to join in and grow more like Jesus. Groups can rejoined at any time of the year. All of our groups follow a similar discussion format on a topic drawn from Scripture with the purpose of being more like Jesus in all areas of our lives.

When can I sign up?

You may sign up beginning TODAY!  Sign ups will close when groups reach capacity.  Groups are 12 or less, so some groups may close sooner than others. The sooner you sign up the better!

How often will my group meet?

Don’t worry!  Groups aren’t designed to eat up your schedule.  Your Small Group will meet once a week or every other week for 70-90 minutes.

What will the people be like in my Small Group?

Look around at a Sunday service…your group may consist of all different types of people.  Some groups are for women, some for men, some for couples, Take a look at all the different types of groups that are available in the following pages.  A group is basically 12 or so people who get together once a week to either discuss a topic you have chosen or to learn more about the church and how to get involved and effect your world.

When and Where do we meet?

Small Groups meet on alternating Wednesday nights at 7pm on our Beech Springs campus! Click here for specific locations and times.

How can I be sure this small group is for me?

We have groups in many different locations, so there should be one close to you. Once you sign up, the Small Group Leader will contact you with the address of the group’s meeting place.  Our Small Groups also have a variety for you to choose from when it comes to topic of study.  There are women’s groups, men’s groups, couples groups, and of course general groups for anyone.  Choose from a variety of groups and grow together with those who share life experiences similar to yours.

What about child care?

Childcare varies by group.  Each group decides how to creatively address this need.   Many of our groups have child care available.

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