About Jewel’s Champions Club

Jewel’s Champions Club is a ministry that is specifically designed to meet the needs of families who have been blessed with children who have special needs.  At Beech Springs Church, we believe that we have been called to offer a place specifically designed to meet the needs of kids and youth age 4 and up who have special needs.  So we have developed a place within our church where these individuals can learn and grow while their parents have the opportunity to attend our weekly services.  Our goal is to offer a program to these children that not only gives them opportunity to have fun, but also gives them the opportunity within the church to grow in four different areas:

spiritually – Intellectually – mentally – physically

During their time in Champion’s Club, your child will receive one-on-one care and attention from trained volunteers.  They will be able to enjoy a learning area equipped with a variety of specialty learning centers and equipment, all for the purpose of helping them grow and develop in each of these four key areas.

Champions Club Centers


Our Sensory Center is complete with bubble tubes and fiber optic light strings, as well as calming light images and various tools for the children to relax and enjoy.


The Motor Center was designed with a variety of musical instruments and soft play structures for gross motor fun and development.  This center includes exploring rockers, climbers, and obstacle course that is tailored to each individual.


The Spirit Center offers a place where children will be taught the Word of God on their individual level.  Volunteers will utilize praise and worship, worksheets, coloring pages, and a variety of other tools to assist students in spiritual growth.


Our Educational Center will allow children the opportunity to engage in learning using many materials such as adaptive books and play manipulatives, which all have an emphasis on teaching students about Jesus.

Your first visit

We want to make sure that we are prepared to best serve your child while you are in our worship service. In order to do that, please complete the initial Registration Form. You will only have to complete it for your first visit. Once the form is completed, you may bring your child to check in at the BeechKidz area. You will receive a sticker with your child’s name on it.  You will bring the sticker back when you pick your child up.  No one will be able to pick up your child without this security sticker.  We take your child’s safety very seriously, and want them to have an unforgettable experience at Champions Club!!!

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